the meaning of it all


This is not a ‘blog’ but more a repository of source material– a SCRAPBOOK if you will–of the way I perceive my world, for my own future reference.  In conversations, debates, discussions and arguments, it’s at times frustrating to be unable to remember, cite, or prove . . an original reference, an historical issue or a point of fact.
Thus this ‘non-blog’.  

What is sourced here may, in and of itself, inspire debate, if not an educational interchange.  I hunger for knowledge and  relish intellectual stimulation.  Those who are familiar with my perspectives have referred to me as a philosopher–high praise, to be sure.  I am indeed far too lazy a lover of wisdom in actual fact to be worthy of such an epithet.

I am certainly a neurotic, with many thoughts and many opinions.  I always welcome input so feel free to comment if/where you see fit.  I do confirm/post opposing or differing comments/opinions be that they are articulate, sincere and meaningful. If you seek more of my own commentary, you can click on the ‘virginal commentary’ menu,at the top.



I question tribalism in all of its forms–whether from demographics of race, language, religion, occupation, income, sexual orientation, sport franchise, political ideology…I find myself questioning the relevance of any and all manifestations I encounter–unless they be transient.  

My father referred to himself as a Global Citizen, and in a similar vein, I find myself today living in a richly diverse, intense global city–which indeed is itself being constantly redefined– which affords me the opportunity  to explore, engage and comprehend all sorts of tribes and tribal configurations.

My personal understanding of the concept of ‘post-modernism’ is the ability to have one’s conceptualization (e.g. identity, in this instance) defined at an individual level, rather than to have it prescribed and defined for oneself.

Through the freedom of not specifically defining one’s identity or having it defined for them, individuals are capable of experiencing society as ‘tribal interlopers’; and sharing/celebrating our common humanity.