[FILM] BLAME (2010) – ‘Hard Candy’-esque with different questions, a different journey and different results

Personally, I prefer walking into great films blind–without having seen trailers or read reviews…which obviously lends itself to disappointing fishing expeditions…although the discovery of gems is then that much sweeter. Below is the generic sense of a favourable review before the meaty bits..to which I’ll link to beneath. – rudhro

“This is a film best seen in the Cinema, and not like Avatar or Sucker Punch or some other rubbish. Blame should be seen in a Cinema because it deserves your full attention. The best Australian films don’t try to wow us with wild effects on a shoestring budget, or use every zany filter post-production can provide to dazzle away shonkily conceived images. The best ones are carefully plotted, painstakingly written, and always mindful of their potential limitations while simultaneously overcoming them.

Happily, Blame is one such film.” written by Elizabeth Lamb / AUSTRALIAN FILM REVIEW


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