[MUSIC] [VIDEO] Some low down dirty instrumental jazz from Japan

Bottom Rhythm Jam & Indigo Jam Unit

“Bottom Rhythm Jam is a three-man jam session project on Basis Records led by percusionist Kosuke Tsuji and also featuring Gandhi on upright bass and Indigo Jam Unit’s Takehiro Shimizu on drums. Encounter follows on from last year’s Enda Safari: Bottom Rhythm Jam (which featured the same trio but was credited as a Kosuke Tsuji release) and this second album sees a further enrichment of the rhythm driven sound. The tracks were all laid down in one take, with no overdubs or remixing, so it’s very much a live studio session. Unlike previous Tsuji releases, the tracks are now actually given titles, which makes it a lot easier for the listener to be able to talk about them.

This album is very reminiscent of any of the past Indigo Jam Unit records, perhaps because some of its members are members of Bottom Rhythm Jam. And emphasis on “bottom,” this one is strictly for those lovers of the heavy thumping and plucking of that double bass. We give thanks to these low frequencies for they drive the HEAT that we all need in our CD players.”

-MOG Music Network


One thought on “[MUSIC] [VIDEO] Some low down dirty instrumental jazz from Japan

  1. I would have to say that the bass really gives the overall sound character, a palpable rhythm almost.

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