2 thoughts on “[AUDIO] ‘EL DESIERTO’ – LHASA DE SELA (1972 – 2010)

  1. Hi. Just came across your site today — I really appreciate it.
    Am only writing otherwise to say I believe spelling of Lhasa’s last name is ‘de Sela’ — what a beautiful singer, what a loss.
    I don’t wish to participate in on line communication in general–at all. Is it possible to subscribe to your “Ruminations” without your sharing my address with anyone else, including the Blogosphere?? If so, sign me up. I’m just a 70-year old stick-in-the-mud who values her privacy.

    Evelyn Fisher (an American with a cottage/cultural exposure in Canada)

    • Hi there Evelyn,
      I don’t believe your email address would be visible were you to subscribe.
      I’m sure wordpress itself wouldn’t want everyone’s contact info available like that.
      Thanks for the spelling mention, I fixed that.
      Just sign up on the lower right side of any page if you wish.

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