[VIDEO] “Live simply so others people can simply live.”

I remember while working in an office in Edmonton I had a co-worker whose wife was a geriatric nurse and how she lamented that children would be so loath to sign DNRs (do not resuscitate orders) for parents who were like 95 years old, so ever time they suffered some sort of emergency, the nurses were forced to crush all kindsa ribs (and do so over and over, so re-break a chest cavity a few days after doing so the first time) and such to make their weak hearts beat anew…and it was so horrifying/traumatic for the nurses…and they were so frustrated that the children couldn’t just let go, couldn’t just understand that there comes a time when it is actually worse TO resist death/nature.  These feeble elderly patients finally died, but in so much pain from the physically trauma on their chests and broken bones which ultimately never healed.  

Love can be selfish.  Religion, insane.



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