source materials and references of a global humanoid, shared for no purpose

[VIDEO] The Bottom of the Ocean is the ‘Holiest’ Place on Earth

Some of these things just look like DNA swimming around…disco ball? Huh?

I used to think what they uncovered in 1909 in the Burgess Shale was out there, but they’re all just super old fossils.  These beings are so similar structurally but actually living.

We can actually see life living down pure unadulterated, LIFE. In forms we could only dream of, or contemplate aliens as.

‘Aliens’ already share our space, we just never bothered to look.  And they’re not aliens, they’re Earthlings.

I agree with the concept of LIFE.

MUSIC: Dark Angel by Katie Jane Garside

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  1. Pingback: The Burgess Shale fossils, a Rocky Mountain treasure trove found in 1909 just west of the B.C.-Alberta border, represent the planet’s single most important snapshot of life as it existed during the so-called “Cambrian explosion” of organ

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