[VIDEO] BBC SERIES: How TV Ruined Your Life written and presented by Charlie Brooker

How TV Ruined Your Life is a six-episode BBC Two television series written and presented by Charlie Brooker.

Charlie Brooker, whose earlier TV-related programmes include How to Watch TelevisionCharlie Brooker’s Screenwipe and You Have Been Watching, examines how the medium has bent reality to fit its own ends. Produced by Zeppotron, the series aired its first episode in January 2011.

The series was reviewed mildly positively, with some criticism of the series’ topic (criticism of television), some positive remarks about specific segments, and some abuse in jest from Brooker’s colleagues at The Guardian: “Ha! I mean, boo! I hate him.” In the Scotsman, it was noted that “though so far Brooker hasn’t been pulling any punches”, some of Brooker’s topics were deemed too broad, some of his targets were called “too familiar”, like his mockery of 1970s public service safety announcements, and Brooker himself “may be heading towards one of those programmes he has so savagely parodied.” The Metro enjoyed Brooker’s making “merrily sardonic hay“, and found his skewering of some TV fearmongering “spot on”, but found his targets pretty easy, “nicking TV news (‘like looking directly in the face of terror’) with flesh-wounds when once upon a time he would have gone for the heart”, and described the show as “cobbled together.” All six full episodes below:


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