Jack Layton 1950 – 2011

Messages left in chalk to commemorate the passing of Jack Layton, in front of Toronto City Hall.

I appreciate it more for the artistic aspect. I don’t understand mourning…who are they all writing to? And if someone handed me a piece of chalk, what the heck would I write? It’s like a visible prayer, perhaps. If you were the last person on earth, would you write things to all the missing people?

Or are they writing it for each other? Like tatoos…

How are mourning memes created?  This is how religions are created perhaps–like the Easter Island heads.

I like how the rain keeps washing it away. Very metaphoric. I may think too much in terms of multiple generations than others…or something. No wonder others are enjoying this life so much. They are in the moment?


One thought on “Jack Layton 1950 – 2011

  1. All politicians are brands in the end, let’s not forget. It is interesting how some brands are more successful than others…depending on their geography.

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