[MUSIC] Rajasthan — the geographic origin of the Gypsies/Roma

Gypsies of Rajasthan – Musafir


Artist: Musafir
Album: Gypsies Of Rajasthan
Year: 1999


1. (00:08:35)  Ninderli

2. (00:04:00) Run Jun Yale
3. (00:02:52) Hanji Mara Lalou Sa
4. (00:03:50) Khanjari
5. (00:03:16) Kalyo
6. (00:06:14) Baba Ramdev
7. (00:01:18) Birda
8. (00:04:55) Anghuti
9. (00:05:29) Barnawa
10. (00:03:42) Rythms Mandir
11. (00:03:37) Musafir – Badila
12. (00:06:15) Musafir – Musafir

Playing Time………: 00:54:04


The music, dance and spiritual arts of the nomadic gypsies of the Thar desert of Rajasthan in northwest India are brought to the concert stage by Jaipur-born tabla player Hameed Khan and his group, Musafir. Their concerts are multi-media celebrations that include puppets, whirling dancers, snake charmers, pyrotechnicians, Manghanian poets and mind-boggling fakirs who balance on carpets of nails and broken glass.

The son of a professional musician, Khan began his musical career shortly after moving to France in 1984. Broadening his musical scope, Khan collaborated with a diverse variety of musicians including Najat Aatabou, Vishwa Mohanbhatt, Lakshmi Shankar, Chico Bouchikhi, Thierry Robin and Lo’ Jo Triban and Trio Erik Marchand, a group that encompassed French, Breton, Arabian and Rajathani influences.

Inspired to explore his own musical tradition, Khan formed Musafir (translated as “The Wanderers”) in 1991.


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