Philippine politician captures his own assassination on camera

by Adrian Shaw, The UK Daily Mirror 5/01/2011

THIS is the dramatic moment an assassin is caught on camera – by the politician he shoots dead.

The victim took what he thought would be a happy New Year’s Eve snap of his family a split-second before his killer pulled the trigger.

The gunman was lurking in the background as Reynaldo Dagsa, 35, lined up his wife Arlene, daughter and mother-in-law outside his home.

Mr Dagsa was shot in the chest in Philippines capital Manila, where he was a law-enforcing councillor who had helped get his killer Michael Gonzales jailed for car theft.

A police source said: “This is probably the first time in history that a victim has managed to capture his own murder on film.

“We were led straight to the killer because of the picture. It’s fair to say he is a familiar face to us.”

Gonzales was arrested with an accomplice, top right of the photo, who kept lookout.


They used to say back in the 19th century that if they could ‘develop’ the rods n cones of your retina, after death, that an image was left of your murderer…I think that was debunked however… although they killed a lot of rabbits or monkeys to do this –rudhro


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