Canada’s population passes 34 million


June 28, 2010

Canada’s population now exceeds 34 million, with British Columbia showing the strongest growth rate of all provinces, according to Statistics Canada.

As of April, the national population was estimated at 34,019,000, a jump of 0.26 per cent — or 88,100 people — from January.

The increase was smaller than the rise of 91,400 in the same period last year.

The four western provinces and three territories all posted growth rates above the national average.

For the third consecutive quarter, British Columbia led all provinces, growing by 0.37 per cent to just over 4,510,900.

On a national level, the net international migration accounted for 71 per cent of the increase while 29 per cent was attributable to natural increase.

Both factors increased at a slower pace than in the previous year.

The drop in Canada’s net international migration was largely a result of a substantial drop in the net number of non-permanent residents.

These are people from another country who have a work or study permit, or who are refugee claimants.

Non-permanent residents also include family members living with refugee claimants in Canada.


2 thoughts on “Canada’s population passes 34 million

  1. Great, just great.

    Next will be the 12-lane freeways, rush hour gridlocks, gun-toting road rage, digital signs suggesting better routes, and Starbucks on every street corner with lineups out the door.

    Welcome to the new US of A.

    (but we’re still more polite when we flip someone the finger)

  2. It sucks to hate people, buddy–hopefully you don’t reproduce.
    i have no problem with DENSITY, what I have a problem with is overpopulation–figure out the difference.
    Without density society stagnates, innovation slows, and people fear “the other”.
    I love crowds and pollution, and traffic and having ‘extras’ to the drama of my life.
    Density is NOT the problem, the problem is fear, the problem is loonie toons living out in buttfuck nowhere perpetuating warped ignorance–the problem is everyone wanting to have children–adopt for a few generations, imagine what would happen to global warming, to resource distributuion. Lets make a world of 2B humanoids. Everyone would be richer.

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