19-year-old woman, lured by modelling job, was raped, nearly strangled by man in wheelchair, jury told


Tue. Jun 15

Lloyd Eugene Bailey, 40, is on trial in Nova Scotia Supreme Court on three charges of sexual assault with a weapon. The crimes are alleged to have occurred in a south-end Halifax hotel on Dec. 4, 2008.

The former Brunswick Street resident is also charged with sexual assault causing bodily harm, trying to strangle the teenager, administering a stupefying drug, unlawful confinement and uttering a death threat.

The trial is expected to take 10 days and will hear evidence from about 25 witnesses, the eight-man, four-woman jury was told Monday.

The evidence “quite simply will show evil in its truest face,” Crown attorney Mark Heerema told the court in his opening address. He warned jurors they will hear a story of degradation, cruelty and inhumanity.

“The evidence in this case is shocking,” he said.

Bailey first met the 19-year-old when she was working in a pizza shop he frequented, Heerema said.

One day, Bailey told the teen he was involved with a scuba diving shop that was looking for swimwear models. He told her the shop paid models $1,000 and only used female photographers.

The woman, who was a former runaway and had lived on the street for a time, was excited about the prospect of modelling, the court was told.

On the day of her purported shoot, she met Bailey and the two had lunch. When the woman went to the washroom, Bailey drugged her beer with a “powerful narcotic,” the prosecutor said.

The woman soon started to feel sick. She was told the photo session had been moved from an upscale hotel to Point Pleasant Lodge on South Park Street, Heerema said.

In a room at the lodge, Bailey told the woman he would take a few photos of her until the photographer arrived, and she put on a bikini.

Because one pose was hard for her to hold, Bailey started to tape her arms together. That’s when the woman got scared, Heerema said. When she tried to resist, Bailey tied a shoelace around her neck in a “choke-chain fashion” and secured it to his wheelchair.

The harder she fought and screamed, the tighter he pulled the shoelace until “blood vessels in her face and neck began to burst,” Heerema said.

She only stopped struggling when Bailey threatened to kill her, and that’s when he sexually assaulted her with a cucumber, the Crown said.

The woman was able to escape when hotel management, alerted by other guests, began knocking on the door.

Heerema told the jurors they will see photographic evidence of the ligature marks on the woman’s neck and the acne-like evidence of burst blood vessels.

The woman is expected to testify today.


5 thoughts on “19-year-old woman, lured by modelling job, was raped, nearly strangled by man in wheelchair, jury told

  1. she is? uhm she was drugged, what do you expect. One should be paranoid and not for diner with any guy ever again?

  2. Who said it was her fault? She was just stupid. You never go to some amateur ‘modelling gig’ alone…
    That’s just asking for trouble. Take a friend. Take your mother. Take a girlfriend. Take a cop friend.
    Be street smart. Don’t put yourself in a corner. A dead-end.

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