“Inappropriate Golden Books”

Inappropriate Golden Books

Chris Burns on May 18, 2010

Let me begin this post be suggesting that perhaps you were a child once. Let’s just go on that assumption. When you were a child, did you read books? I’ll go ahead and say yes. When you were a child, did you happen upon Golden Books? Probably you did. I’ll tell you someone else who had some Golden Books, illustrator designer Josh Cooley. He is a nerd, a movie fanatic, and a fantastic draw-er. He’s taken the time to mash up two utterly disparate items for the enjoyment of all: Golden Books for kids, and a collection of movie stills that couldn’t possibly be more inappropriate for that same group of kids. Check it out!

In a fabulous act of brilliance, Cooley, Story Artist at Pixar Animation Studios, has taken the Golden Books aesthetic and applied it to his favorite scenes from action, science fiction, and horror films. As many super ideas go, this one began as a joke, something to spend some time on, something to get a few chuckles outta, something even to post on these internets.

But lo!

People yelled at Cooley, HEY! These are really rad! If I saw these all bound up in a book at a comic convention, I’d throw my money at it faster than I’d buy an original chunk of fossilized Alien goo! And you can take that to the bank! And so he did. Cooley took that idea to the bank, pulled out a few bucks, and made a book.

The book, having just been announced yesterday, goes by the name “Movies R Fun!”, with, as you can see, the word MOVIES being in kiddie play blocks, and the R being the same R as in R-Rated films. Clevah.

This book, as Cooley says, this book, will be available soon, at Comic-Con California this year, probably at the Alternative Press Expo (APE), and on Cooley’s lovely blogspot blog if you’re lucky. Inside you’ll find probably, more than likely, everything you see  below, PLUS MORE.

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