Design And The Mind

August 22, 2003

Can architecture make you feel better? Can a well-designed hospital help you heal faster? Does a better lab space spark scientific creativity? How can work space increase productivity? A new collaboration between architects and neuroscientists is designed to answer some of those questions. In this hour, we’ll talk about the influence of architecture nd design on the mind.


Robert McGhee
* Institute Architect Howard Hughes Medical Medical Institute Houston, Texas

John Eberhard
* Latrobe Fellow, American Institute of Architecture
* AIA National Director of Research & Planning Advisory Board Member, Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture, San Diego, California

Eduardo Macagno
* Advisory Board Member, Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture Dean, School of Biological Sciences University of California San Diego, San Diego, California

Kevin Kampschroer
* Director of Research Public Buildings Service, General Services Administration, Washington, DC

Rosalyn Cama
* Chairman of Board, Center for Health Design President, Cama Incorporated

* Past-President, American Society of Interior Designers, New Haven, Connecticut

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