Jaffer threatens to sue the Toronto Star


April 8, 2010

Former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer is threatening legal action against a Toronto newspaper, claiming its report on him was “inaccurate” and a “complete mischaracterization.”

The threat comes on the heels of a story published Thursday in the Toronto Star referencing Toronto businessman Nazim Gillani, chief executive officer of International Strategic Investments, who suggested Jaffer could help open the doors to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office quickly dismissed suggestions Jaffer could open its doors and help companies get lucrative grants.

“The accusation that the Prime Minister’s Office has opened its doors for Mr. Jaffer and his associates is false and it is also absurd,” said Andrew MacDougall, deputy press secretary.

Jaffer is not registered to lobby the federal government.

The boast that Jaffer had opened the Prime Minister’s Office for the company came following dinner in Toronto Sept. 10 that included Gillani, Jaffer, business associates and three women, the paper reported.

Later that night, Jaffer was stopped at a police roadside check and charged with drunk driving, speeding and possession of cocaine. Jaffer ended up pleading guilty to the lesser charge of careless driving, was fined $500 and made another $500 donation to charity.

The Toronto Star report is the latest of several controversies to dog Jaffer and his wife, Conservative MP Helena Guergis.

The Liberals have repeatedly called for Guergis to resign after she lost her temper at the airport in Charlottetown, calling Prince Edward Island a ‘hellhole.’

The Liberals have also asked the ethics commissioner to investigate her mortgage on an Ottawa area home following reports that the mortgage was for the entire purchase price of the property.

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