[AUDIO] A much better question than “Why are we here?” is “What is time?”.

The answer to both may be the same. In a sense, I’m beginning to consider that time and it’s perception, may be both the question and answer of life.

a geophysicist friend:
hum I dunno about why, but you could get clues for the second question if you read Brian Green, I have not read “the Elegant Universe”, but my sister did, and had many interesting questions for me. I read “the fabric of the cosmos” and it is why I recommend you to read that.

tribal interloper:
did you recommend that already, or are you for the first time now?

there was this cool segment on the National, –like when bob mcdonald speaks with mansbridge, when they spoke of time, just for a moment, and he really hit upon what i’m kinda saying. i’ll try to find it

found it!

“Here’s a simple question: what time it is now? Well, that’s easy – just look at your watch. But here’s a trickier one: what time is it on the other side of the universe? And when you say that time has passed, where did it go? And if time began with the Big Bang, what do we call the time before the Big Bang? It turns out that time is not such a simple concept after all. In fact, scientists and philosophers have been struggling for centuries to understand the true nature of time. Dan Falk, a Toronto-based science writer, has taken the time to explore those ideas in a new book, called In Search of Time: Journeys along a curious dimension.”





a geophysicist friend:
Yeah, that points to the problem… I am not sure I told you about Green, I read it here in DC, so I might not have. Green is pretty easy to read despite the complexity of the topic. I don’t know anything about Dan Falk though. I doubt either of them would give you the answer of why… you would get rather a “how are we”.

tribal interloper:
but, i never asked why. i said “what is time?” IS the better question. i never really cared about the “why” variety of question–i was caricaturing religion with that line.


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