“Canadian” + “Environmentally-Concious” is an oxymoron.

How can a people who live in a climate that for the greater part of the year is sub-zero, worry about where their food comes from? Why not MOVE to where the food originates and the people do not require the heating of every artificial environment in which they work/play/sleep/go to the washroom?
I was born in Canada and find this all ridiculous. We live where NATURE has dictated we ought not. We burn fossil fuels (for electricity as well) just so we do not freeze to death EVERY year.
The greatest travesty in this whole debate is that there even ARE human beings living above the 40th parallel.

Nature dictated that humanity live where they can live naked—this is actually WHERE the food just falls off trees and grows in abundance.
Question more than what the enviro-bandwagon is speaking of just this week.
To be a Canadian itself is against nature. Go figure that one out. The greatest civilizations in history evolved in areas such as the Central Valley and Yucatan of Mexico, the Indus Valley, the Yangtze Valley, Coastal Ghana, the Amazon River… [as well as the commonly referenced Mediterranean ones] for a REASON.


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