REPOST: “Creepy things with Leather”

The below was taken from the following blog:

Fear not, this is not a post about the Sydney Mardi Gras.

Although there WAS a lot of leather there as well. I accidentally attended the Mardi Gras on Saturday night (honestly, who goes to the movies on Oxford Street on Mardi Gras night? I really am a freaking genius sometimes…).

At least from where I was standing, the Mardi Gras crowd seemed largely composed of sixteen year old girls in hot pants experimentally kissing their girlfriends, while sneaking glances at passing boys out of the corners of their eyes, and then puking on the footpath.

Cynical, me? No, honestly… the Mardi Gras was awesome. Some truly magnificent costumes, a fantastic tribute to George Michael and some extraordinary people who danced all the way to Moore Park in platforms! I can’t even walk to the bus stop in platforms!

But I digress.

We’re actually talking about sculpture, not the Mardi Gras. And about some really rather creepy work by Meryl Smith, that I discovered through We love you so. Meryl Smith is a New York artist, and her work is often animal-focused, with wonderful tongue-in-cheek naming, and quite acerbically topical, all of which I find irresistible.

She calls this piece “don’t hog the ball”.

And this piece “excessory baggage”.

I’ll never look at Louis Vuitton handbags the same way again. Evilly good!

You can check out more of Meryl Smith’s work on her blog. All photos are copyright Meryl Smith.

The above was taken from the following blog:

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