who can prove that Jesus

did not have a vagina?

no, seriously.

It made me wonder around the time of the Danish cartoon’s which offended the Muslims, with regard to not only the depiction of Mohammed, which is forbidden in Islam, but satirical, or provocative depictions of him which provoked a worldwide reaction from the crazed strident Islamic tribe the West has made it’s enemy de jour—would Christians honestly NOT be offended by the Vagina of Jesus?

Religious folk the world over apparently abhor sexuality/menstruation etc etc.—fearing/hating Nature does amuse me so.

But the question is, have you ever SEEN the genitalia of Jesus, and in truth, the American Taliban who are the Evangelicals, the Southern Baptists—the folk in Alberta like Ezra Levant who said he did not want his rights to Free Speech challenged by those who threatened him when he REpublished the Danish cartoons—would his now defunct (print edition) magazine have also published the Vagina of Jesus on it’s cover the same way?

Or would that have aroused a backlash from the same Taliban-mentality held in the Fundamentalist Christian Right that made up his readership?

If we are “created in the Image of ‘God'”—–why would a supreme deity have a navel, an anus, a penis and or vagina?

Does God excrete something? and why? Did God come along with a placenta?

If you focus on the details of life, at times, questions just disappear.  Don’t seek answers, seek more questions.  And ask yourself, who has the vagina, really.  And why is it “offensive’ to know?

In my mind a vagina is far more deserving of veneration than some imaginary santa jesus—we wouldn’t exist if our mothers did not have one.

There but for the grace of our momma’s vagina go we.  Does Jesus have one?


2 thoughts on “who can prove that Jesus

  1. The bible clearly states that humans were made in God’s own image. This refers to the trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So… as we are made in God’s own image, he gave us a body, a soul, and a spirit. Genesis easily displaces your provocative question “did jesus have a vagina?” God created man from the dust of the earth and created women from adam (man’s) rib. In the book of Matthew Jesus is described as the son of God and son of Mary and Joseph. Therefore, if he is called a son, he is obviously of the male genitalia.

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