An early Bollywood classic from the film “Chhalia (1960) Singer: Mukesh Music: Kalyanji – Anandji Cast: Raj Kapoor, Nutan, Pran, Rehman.

5 thoughts on “DUM DUM DIGA DIGA

  1. Mona Ghose:
    true… now we’re all self obsessed while trying to enjoy the amenities of modern life in a largely solitary fashion, while forgetting to look around us, and improve our surroundings. so very sad.

  2. i was more just talking about traditional culture versus imported global culture–like playing/dancing to bollywood at a venue/festival of indian ‘heritage’, or hiphip music celebrating afghani culture….yes it’s culture but not quite heritage. I grant though that India and other cultures have never been in a vacuum. So perhaps I am wrong, and just a foolish reminiscer.

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