Don Jail prisoner beaten to death in cell block

The Star Logo

November 09, 2009

Jesse McLean

A 32-year-old inmate was kicked and punched to death Saturday night in the prisoner cells of the Don Jail.

Upon hearing a commotion just before 8 p.m., jail staff rushed to the cell area, where they found the man unconscious with obvious signs of trauma to his face.

Jeff Munro, of Toronto, was pronounced dead a short time later.

Toronto police investigators are conducting interviews and say they have a working motive, but declined to elaborate.

“Obviously, there was a disagreement because somebody ended up dead,” Det. Sgt. Wayne Banks said.

“We still have work to do, so I don’t want to go into the details.”

For privacy reasons, the cell area isn’t monitored by surveillance cameras, he said.

Police would not say what charges the dead man was facing, but said those charges had nothing to do with the attack.

The Don Jail is designated as a short-term prison and holds inmates who are awaiting trial or sentencing.

In 1995, Shabirali Hudda, who was serving time for weapons offences and for uttering death threats, was found dead in his cell.

His 18-year-old cellmate was charged with second-degree murder.


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