oooh knowledge fount is the online learning portal from The Open University and the BBC.

Welcome to We’re the home of BBC/Open University TV and Radio programmes on the web.

If you are interested in Open University programmes, want to know more about the world around you, or are considering taking up a short or degree course, then this is the site for you.

What can you do at

The navigation bar across the top will take you to each of the main sections of If you are looking for information on a particular programme, use either the drop down programme list, or search box to find the programme you are looking for.

Discover our interactive educational content in the ‘Learning’ section. You can build your own desktop catapult, or find out what learning style suits you! Our learning modules are created with OU academic expertise and contain the sort of subject material you could be studying at the Open University.

Check out ‘What’s New’ for all the new developments on Open2. From forum launches, new sites, and regional activity across the UK, it’s all happening here!

Got something to say? If an issue on a programme, or an article on this site gets you thinking, then you can have your say in the ‘Discussing’ section, where you can talk to OU academics and other experts about the subjects and issues raised in our programmes. This is the home of debate on Open2.

You can discover more about our broadcasts and check out the OU/BBC TV and Radio listings in the ‘Programmes’ section.


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