The Inspiration Room™

About This Site

The Inspiration Room LogoThe Inspiration Room™ is a creative archive and community site first established in 2006. The Inspiration Room is a collaborative effort, providing you with the latest and classic creative inspirations from television, print, ambient and interactive advertising, music videos, photography and design. We base our articles on submissions sent to us directly from agencies, production houses, photographers, sound and music companies, PR companies. We also take the initiative and research stories that deserve promotion. We work with the values of inspiration, creativity, respect and integrity.

Our logo is green, connecting with De Bono’s Green Thinking Hat tool for group discussion and individual thinking. The Green Hat focuses on creativity: possibilities, alternatives and new ideas.

How This Site Works

The Inspiration Room is a space for viewing creative content from around the world.

Regular articles (average of 5 a day) provide opportunities for viewers to interact through comments at the end of posts and through links on their own sites. Researched reviews (an average of five a day) are archived by month, category (TV Ads, Print, Interactive, Music Video, Movie Trailers, Ambient, Speeches, Creative Profiles and the catch-all Inspiration), and tags (country, product, agency, director, production company, photographer etc.) Every post includes links to the companies and individuals involved behind the scenes. The Tag Cloud on the bottom right shows the most common tags – the bigger the more there are.

Our visual search section helps you interact with creative work. We’ve designed this section of the site as a customizable portal, providing you with news feeds for your country, weather for your city or region, industry news, and your choice of creative work.

You can keep visiting through the day, or you could subscribe to the RSS feed (really simple syndication or Rich Site Summary) by email or through an RSS Feed reader, and have the content sent to you! Click here to register for the daily email.


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