Man pleads guilty to second-degree murder in Creba case – The Globe and Mail

Something’s wrong with a philosophy of justice where a dude who raped tortured and brutalized women to death with things like dildoed guns, and pig farming equipment, gets charged with 2nd degree murder and these fools who shot up the street at each other get the same charge.

Jane Creba in my view was manslaughter. There was NO intention. If you build a dildoed gun at home and then go out and hunt for prey in the Downtown Eastside? That’s intention. Premeditation even. That should be murder 1.

If you shoot into a crowd–arguably even defend yourself from oncoming fire…and kill a 3rd party, how are you responsable for that inadvertant death the SAME as raping and murdering someone?

What the heck IS manslaughter then? If this is not it?

There are situations where three people beat a fourth to death but the 2nd dude only throws one punch and one kick, therefore he gets manslaughter, because his contribution ‘did not lead to the ultimate outcome’. But shouldn’t his intention be considered as murderous? I’d say so. Everyone involved in a beating should get 2nd degree murder charges, not just the ‘ultimate killer’.
That’s like giving credit to a guy who opens a can of pickles after 2 guys before helped loosen the lid. They all opened it, and they all intended for the lid to come off.

This Jane Creba thing should create a new charge, like ‘negligent discharge of a firearm’–that’s what it really was. There was absolutely no intention. She could have been a stray dog walking into the volley of shots. So obviously this is messed up.

Is it cuz she’s well-to-do and white? A lot of not-so-well-to-do, not-so-white folk are getting shot (intentionally even) and killed in the streets of Toronto. The response, both media as well as judicial doesn’t seem so hyped.


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