People who die for nothing aren’t heroes, Sima Samar is a hero–and she ain’t even dead yet–but damn courageous—some say she, not Obama should have gotten the Peace Nobel.

He really oughtta just give her the money. The future of Afghanistan may just lie in the empowerment and respect of women–political change though, doesn’t necessarily imply societal change–defeating the Taliban may not mean shit to the mindset of a primitive thinking patriarchy (this applies sadly to so damn many countries of the global South–India being a personal example)–Sima Samar’s optimism is the hope of the unrepressive human spirit.

Dr. Sima Samar, OC (born 4 February 1957) is the Chairperson of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) and, since 2005, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Sudan.

Samar was born in Jaghoori, Ghazni, Afghanistan, on 4 February 1957. She obtained her degree in medicine in February 1982 from Kabul University, the first Hazara woman to do so. She practiced medicine at a government hospital in Kabul, but after a few months was forced to flee for her safety to her native Jaghoori, where she provided medical treatment to patients throughout the remote areas of central Afghanistan.

In 1984, the communist regime arrested her husband, and Samar and her young son fled to the safety of nearby Pakistan. She then worked as a doctor at the refugee branch of the Mission Hospital. Distressed by the total lack of health care facilities for Afghan refugee women, she established in 1989 the Shuhada Organization and Shuhada Clinic in Quetta, Pakistan. The Shuhada Organization was dedicated to the provision of health care to Afghan women and girls, training of medical staff and to education. In the following years further branches of the clinic/hospital were opened throughout Afghanistan.

After living in refuge for over a decade, Samar returned to Afghanistan in 2002 to assume a cabinet post in the Afghan Transitional Administration led by Hamid Karzai. In the interim government, she served as Deputy President and then as Minister for Women’s Affairs. She was forced into resignation from her post after she was threatened with death and harassed for questioning conservative Islamic laws, especially sharia law, during an interview in Canada with a Persian-language newspaper. During the 2003 Loya Jirga, several religious conservatives took out an ad in a local newspaper calling Samar the Salman Rushdie of Afghanistan.

She currently heads the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC).

She is one of the 4 main subjects in Sally Armstrong’s 2004 documentary Daughters of Afghanistan. In the documentary, Sima Samar’s work as the Minister of Women’s Affairs and her subsequent fall from power is shown.

Dr. Samar publicly refuses to accept that women must be kept in purdah (secluded from the public) and speaks out against the wearing of the burqa (head-to-foot wrap), which was enforced first by the fundamentalist mujahideen and then by the Taliban. She also has drawn attention to the fact that many women in Afghanistan suffer from osteomalacia, a softening of the bones, due to an inadequate diet. Wearing the burqa reduces exposure to sunlight and aggravates the situation for women suffering from osteomalacia.

credit for thought–Michael Enright spoke with her this morning on Sunday Edition.
we should send 100 million NATO troops to Afghanistan, not like, the 2900 Canada has sent and is weeping over–I mean go big or go back to CFB _______. what the fuck? Let’s invade and colonize the fuck out of these people till they forget who their ancestors were, like we have all over the other brownish humanoid inhabited parts of this planet. Kill the strong, and indocrinate the weak and rape all their women. What have we lost the manual? Saudia Arabia should be first though–I’d even volunteer to go there. The Taliban wouldn’t exist were it not for the brew of CIA + Wahabis…

canada only has 2830 people in afghanistan. and this is a war?
afghanistan has a population almost the size of canada itself, and it’s spread over the most inhospitable terrain in the world….
this is a joke right?:
“As of January 2009 its troops number around 55,100[3] from 26 NATO, 10 partner and 2 non-NATO / non-partner countries,[3] including contributions from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Poland and most members of the European Union and NATO also including Australia, New Zealand, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Singapore.”

this isn’t a war, we’re sitting there measuring things, doing surveying–testing out equipment and driving around waiting for our shit to hit a bomb.
100 million troops. four white faces for every brown faced local? it’d be done. Done like Japan, done like germany.
Let’s all just go there and have a tailgate party with rocket launchers, and clean the shit up.
This is not a real war.



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