Bob Johnstone’s Today In History –CBC Radio 1 from the 80s!

I miss this guy. I grew up listening and learning so much from his “Today in History” vignettes. Man. Is he DEAD? He doesn’t exist in cyberspace. I want PODCASTS damnit! I want AUDIO! I want to know why Napoleon lost at Waterloo!; why the British at Quebec snuck in, under cover of darkness but a full moon, when they …knew the French thought they’d fight like gentlemen in the morning! and only in his baritone, have it told to me as though it really really mattered.

Format:Trade Paperback

Dimensions:384 Pages, 8.5 x 11 in

Published:September 1, 1998

Publisher:Warwick Publishing

ISBN – 10:189402043X
ISBN – 13:9781894020435

From Our Editors

This fully revised and updated edition features the best of veteran broadcaster Bob Johnstone’s Today In History segments, drawn from his 17-year career at CBC Radio. Included are 365 pieces — one for each calendar date — that cover a wide-range of topics, from entertainment and politics to history and science. Today In History is a fascinating collection that will inform as well as entertain readers.


Well, he wasn’t dead when I posted the above the first time, but he is now:
By Raj Ahluwalia,
Sep 2, 2012

Longtime CBC broadcaster Bob Johnstone dead at 82

Popular radio reporter made famous by ‘Today in History’

One of the most distinguished and cherished radio personalities in Canada has died.

Bob Johnstone passed away Sunday afternoon in Toronto.

He was renowned for his storytelling.

For decades, his “Today in History” feature was a staple of local CBC radio programs across the country.

But he was also a distinguished journalist, especially as a court and crime reporter for CBC News and at the beginning of his career, at the Toronto Star newspaper.

Johnstone was also one of the first reporters with CBC Television’s the fifth estate.

Johnstone died from cancer. He was 82.


4 thoughts on “Bob Johnstone’s Today In History –CBC Radio 1 from the 80s!

    • Wow that’s amazing. Would you be able to digitize them? There is absolutely nothing online. I can’t believe why not. His segments are worth making a website for by themselves.

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