slaves and former slaves are the most religious–ever wonder why?

no, not black folk—the Celts, serfs of the Encomienda system, Slavics, lower castes in India, Indigenous folk of the Western Hemisphere…well, and yes, black folk too
it’s hard to question religious indoctrination, when you are powerless, poor and face (human created political) injustice–you might as well speak to an imaginary friend
my analysis:
all independent societies are composed of pyramidal structures where at the top are found power/cultural elites.
successful attacks from foreign tribes involve the elimination of this elite pyramidal top, and replacement with an ertwhile “foreign”
one recent example of this is the successful spanish conquest of the empire of the mexicas. by removing the top of the pyramid, the foreigners were able to easily manipulate and indoctrinate the base of the pyramid through the meme that was created for this—religion. a society is not ‘whole’ without it’s own pyramidal top. although many may refer to themselves as one tribal ‘identity’ or another—usually due to biological links that have little to do with cultural identity. if they lack their respective power/cultural elites, they can end up as hollow shells of their tribal label. zombies, as it were, to religious dogma, which in almost all instances are of a previously foreign stipe. there is little religion amongst equals—amongst societies with lower gini coefficients. where is your religion originate? what happened to the ‘religion’ of your own tribal lineage? do you still refer to yourself by your tribal lineage? how many tribes comprise your dna today?

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