If you think female humanoids are less able/smart/yaddayaddyadda than male humanoids, what this may indicate is that YOU actually have perhaps interacted with a greater diversity of capable males than females, nothing more.

Were you to challenge yourself and explore the wider variety of potential female humanoids, you may come to the conclusion that one is not able to generalize any inferiority nor superiority either way. Or that you have just avoided meeting all those demented incapable males who wander about life aimlessly.
Not only is this the case in our exisiting society, I observe–but the women (for this arguement, as this is equally applicable to men) we exhibit in society [ANY SOCIETY], are the one’s that we ourselves as members of a given society–both adult men and adult women–ourselves have raised, nurtured, socialized, prejudiced, biased, empowered, disempowered, delegated or made robotic–or chosen to reproduce with.

Contrary to Larry Summers comments with regard to women and science, it is my view that A: not enough time has passed since Western Society was not too too far removed from places such as Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan today, and B: genderized socialization begins in the crib–from how uncles, cousins, grandpas treat you as a female child, all the way to kindergarden teachers, highschool counsellors etc etc on down the line.
Perhaps when my generation are the grandparents will a sufficient wave have passed where we treat grand-daughters as the uber-potential filled progeny that we all are, and not set limiting, artifical gender roles that may be invisible to most everyone, but the baby psyches of a female humanoids.

Back to the first point however, meet a capable, intelligent, independent, strong-willed, female today and question your preconceptions from your being surrounded by silly humans with differing gentalia from your own. Question your self-fulling prophecies.

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