Ever think: Is global warming the problem, or is it just human overpopulation? Ergo: If climate change happens to kill OFF a bunch of us parasitic earthlings, wouldn’t Nature basically be solving it’s own problem via an innate negative feedback loop?

And say, were the humanoid population to reach like, THREE billion instead of SEVEN soon, everything would be fine and dandy? Yeah. Call me crazy, but stopping fucking (for kids) makes EVERYONE better off. All we gotta do is think more in the collective and not as an individual genetic stream. Raise your damn neighbours kids. Raise kids in village groupings! Five kids for every 15 couples. Those kids could be loved to DEATH (not literally)–but imagine having that much attention from three sets of parents, washed on you for 18 years.
Why must we be so gene-selfish? Why do we have this brain if we just behave like ants, lemmings and gophers?

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