‘Justice’ does not mean “vengeance for victims”

This is so wrong: “One relative of a murder victim recently told the group: “If people could feel the way we feel for just one moment, the whole justice system would be changed.””*–if one thinks this way, they lack the comprehension of the POINT of a ‘justice’ system. A justice system is not there to serve the victims of crime, but pass commentary regarding the philosophy of societal justice. They are so very different. It is silly to even ask victims if “justice has been served” as they do in the media, after a case. Victims aren’t in the position to ‘judge’ that. It is similar to asking a mother who’s child is serving in the army in Afghanistan whether she supports the troops or is ‘behind the mission’–what kinda answer do you expect her to have? “Ehh screw my child’s life–the whole thing is hogwash. . .”? THIS is why they say “justice is blind”–because there ought not be any bias, nor any emotion. It should be a sterile study of philosophical thought, not vengence. I hope I can realize this, if I were to become a victim of crime one day. It obviously isn’t easy. * http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/729391–devastated-by-killing-family-helps-others-with-that-unique-pain


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